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INTRODUCTION: Catch a Cheating Partner on WhatsApp

Advancement of technology has led to better and easy means of communication. As good as this is, it also comes with its challenges. So many instant messaging applications have been developed, the most popular being WhatsApp with over two (2) billion monthly active users worldwide.


People use it to send and receive messages, share multimedia files and make online video and voice calls. This immense popularity made it a reliable source of information about any targeted person using it.


If you have the feeling that your partner or spouse is cheating on you or having an affair with someone else, WhatsApp is the best platform to confirm your suspicion.


Many years ago, if you want to know if your partner is having an affair, you look for evidence like lipsticks on shirt collar, perfumes smell on shirt and likes. Technology has made us smarter these days. One sure way to determine a likely affair is looking at WhatsApp Chat.

What Made WhatsApp Number One App to Catch Cheating Spouse

Catch cheating spouse on whatsapp

WhatsApp Is the most popular communication network (social mobile application) in the world. It is very easy to communicate through text, voice and video calls, share images, file and videos and much more. And it is available for all devices including iOS and android.


WhatsApp offers people more freedom and the opportunity to chat, text, and talk to anyone they like anytime and at very cheap rate. However, with that much freedom comes the tendency to forget moral principles and cheat on your partner. A discreet messaging app like WhatsApp can allow your partner to cheat on you right under your nose.

Signs That Your Partner Is Probably Cheating On You.

Are you suspicious of your spouse? Do you feel he/she is having an affair? Does it seem like he/she is hiding something from you? There are a few signs that can tell you if your spouse is engaged in WhatsApp cheating.

They are discussed below;

cheating partner Disloyal man with his girlfriend looking at another girl

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  • Changed his smartphone password:

Usually when people put password on their device or change the existing password, they are trying to prevent you from getting unauthorized access to certain information or to cover their tracks.


Your partner changing his/her from the one you know to an entirely different one without alerting you could be a strong signal that he is cheating on you and is trying to cover any trace of them cheating in the past, present, or future.

  • He is spending more time on chatting:

If you notice that your partner is spending more time chatting on his phone or on social media than he used to, then there is a chance he is cheating on you.

From experience, cheating spouses use their main messaging accounts as their cheating profiles. As such, it is likely conversation will be ongoing on WhatsApp. They’ll be chatting more frequently and spending more time on WhatsApp than usual with the other person.


  • Deletes Recent WhatsApp Messages/Clearing Chats

Most cheating partners use this WhatsApp features to erase any evidence that may link them to any cheating activity. Though deleting messages or clearing chats is not a bad practice in itself but you should get suspicious when you notice it is becoming regularly. WhatsApp always leave a trail for every deleted message.

How To Know Who Your Partner is Cheating With

This requires you to have access to his/her phone for few minutes. You can monitor chats on WhatsApp, a ranking of contacts that receive the most interaction can be found at the settings.

Follow the procedure below;

  1. Open WhatsApp settings
  2. Navigate to Data and Storage Usage
  3. Then Storage Usage

If you follow the steps as given above you should see a ranking of contacts (names and numbers) and groups your partner exchanges data (messages, pictures, videos, documents etc.) with. A thorough analysis of these information can be instrumental to you in finding the truth.

Truth is, this ranking can be influenced if your partner deletes messages or clears chat.  Also be aware that this does not proof that your partner is guilty yet. You will need to get more proof.

Monitor With WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is the web version of WhatsApp. You get the cloned version of the WhatsApp account. You will be able to read the new and old messages, see all contacts, have access to shared pictures and documents; and much more.

One drawback of WhatsApp Web is you will need access to your husband phone anytime you want to spy on his account using this method.

WhatsApp Web

Steps to Setting Up WhatsApp Web

  1. Open your laptop/PC browser and type in the address “” and tap enter.
  2. On the WhatsApp Web page, to the right is a QR code which you will need to scan in a moment. Go to step 3
  3. Open your partner’s WhatsApp and select WhatsApp Web or Linked Devices from the Option (3 vertical dots).
  4. A QR scanner will pop up. Scan against the QR code given on your screen from (Step 2).

And that’s it! You are in. One more thing to note is that an icon will show on your partner’s phone immediately the scan in Step 4 is successful and the WhatsApp Web version is displayed, notifying them of the connection. Your partner might find out about this. Of course, they won’t thank you for it.

Knowing Your Partner’s Location 24/7 with WhatsApp

If you have read to this point, you deserve a gift. This is why I am going to reveal this feature of WhatsApp that you may not know exist.

WhatsApp also comes with a feature in which you and your partner can utilize to monitor each other’s movement. The drawback here is that both of you have to agree to its use. Follow the steps below to set it up;

  1. First, both of you must open your WhatsApp conversation, then press the “Attach” button and choose the “Location” option. Then choose “Real-time location” and choose a time, it can be 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours.
  2. During this time, both of you will share location with yourselves via WhatsApp. If you want this to end, simply press “Stop sharing.”

Use WhatsApp Tracking or Spying software

This method does not require you to have physical access to your partner’s phone to set up. It involves making use of special application software. These applications are usually premium – you will have to buy or pay for their use. You can get a number of them on Google Play Store or AppStore.

These applications do not usually work in the same way and setting up could be a challenge especially if you are not a tech geek. You may therefore need to seek the Expertise of a Professional Hacker.

Hire A Professional WhatsApp Hacker


A WhatsApp Hacker specializes in hacking WhatsApp. WhatsApp hackers usually have in their disposal special tools and software to spy on any cell phone or application. They can even provide you with remote control of your partner’s device by obtaining information, such as call logs, text messages, emails, chats that take place on WhatsApp.

Other benefits from hiring a hacker are listed below;

  • Monitor the text messages which are sent or received from your partner’s phone.
  • Monitor all the WhatsApp information, including date, time, duration of every call and text and more.
  • Track all the multimedia files, including photos, and videos shared on WhatsApp and stored in the gallery.
  • Get the real time location of your partner.
  • Be able to observe any file even if it was previously deleted.


If you are concerned about your partner cheating on you, WhatsApp is a good place to catch him. We have pointed out common signs cheating partners display on WhatsApp, highlighted how you can get proofs and have showed you different method to catch them.


Talking about method, hiring a professional hacker is still the most dependable method. It eliminate every risk of being caught by your partner, reduces stress and bring you your desire result.


Ours is to give you the evidences and results you desire. Yours is to make the decision of either to end the relationship or give it a second chance.


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