Can You Hack School Grades?

Students Hacked High School Portal

School grading system, sometimes, could disappoint. After putting much efforts in your tests, exams or other tasks, you still may not get the grade you so much desired. It could even be more frustrating that only a course or two is stopping you from graduating.

The school grades situation described above is the reason why students and parents look for alternative or quick solution to change school grades from school portal or websites, including on Australian Universities School Database.

Now to your question, can you hack school grades? See, nothing is 100% secured or protected on the internet. Inasmuch your grades are on the school database or blackboard, then it can be hacked. However, the ease at which these can be done varies from one school portal to another.

What you can do to change your grade without trace?

Let us vary your options when it comes to assessing your school database for you to make the change.

Gain Access To Portal By Tricking Lecturer
  • Trick your teacher(s) or lecturer(s) into revealing his/her (their) computer login information to hack and change your grades on your school student portal.
  • Sneak into the registrar’s office during normal business hours and look for a computer that is left unlocked by someone who could legitimately change a grade.

  • Use a professional hacker that can deliver.

No doubt, the surest way to hack student portal or change your grade is through admin.

The first two options require your physical presence and might land you in bigger problem.

The third does not require your physical presence. If you hire a professional hacker to handle it for you, may not have any or serious repercussions.

What is this Database and Blackboard?

Database is made up of files and logs. To get access you will need someone who has access to the System Admin’s credentials. Each school database uses a specific networking technology that provided root-level access to all network shares.

This root-level gives you clearance to all database files with the ability to edit, manipulate and input data.

Meanwhile, blackboard is a tool that allows faculties (or departments) in schools to add resources for students to access online. Powerpoint, Captivate, video, audio, animation, and other applications are created outside of Blackboard and added into Blackboard courses for students to enhance teaching and learning efforts.

Your grades are stored on the blackboard.

hacking database-technology

Skills and Tools Needed

To hack a school website, knowledge of MySQL and other techniques like phishing, Brute force and Remote Access are needed.

There many ways to hack database and blackboard to but you have to be discreet when using some tools to hack. Grade change should be minor to maximum when boosting your grades. This means, make the least change that would not be easily noticed or affect other students. You should Hire a professional hacker who has setup security exploit to bypass database firewall.

Type of school grade change

There are two types of grade change that can be made; either it is temporary or permanent.

Temporary Grade Change

This is very easy. You get to use inspect element to edit your grade. But as the name suggest, it will not last long before system detects and revert to original grade.


Permanent grade change

This is done from the database and not using the inspect element as a temporary grade change. Let the hacker you are hiring to hack university grade know that you want permanent grade change.

Types Of Hackers

If you have decided to hire a professional hacker, then you should understand the type of hackers that are. We have described briefly the most commonly accepted types below.


    Also called Ethical Hackers. They create algorithms and perform multiple methodologies to break into systems, only to strengthen them. They test existing internet infrastructures to research loopholes in the system.


    Are responsible for all that is wrong with hacking. These guys break into systems purely with negative intentions. From stealing credit card information to altering public databases, a black hat hacker looks to gain fame or monetary benefits from exploiting the loopholes in internet frameworks. Black hat hackers are the best hackers to use to render on how to hack blackboard and change school grades


    As the color code implies, this hacker type does not have the good intentions of a white hat hacker, nor does he have the ill intentions of a black hacker. A grey hat would break into systems but never for his own benefit. Famous grey hat hackers have exploited systems only to make the information public, and to bring to limelight vast datasets of information that contains wrongdoings.


    In the many types of computer hackers, Script Kiddies are the newbies. The kids of the hacking realm, this hacker type is not responsible for a lot of damage, particularly because of the little skill or effort they put into their hacking. Downloading hacking software, or pre-written scripts, these hackers would just run a website against a software and disrupt its working. From routing overloading traffic, or repeatedly running transactions, this hacker type’s impact is significant, but not really.


    This hacker type gets its name from the notorious Suicide Bombers, people who cause a lot of damage before killing their own selves. Similarly, a suicide hacker would know that his identity would be revealed, or he would be caught but proceeds to carry out a hacking attempt nonetheless. This could either be for money, or for fame or even forceful, just like a suicide bomber.


    Hacktivists are the protesters of the internet. Just like a group of protesters in the real world stir up attention by marching on the streets, the hacktivist type of hacker would break into systems and infrastructures to ask for attention towards social causes. This are not hackers available on how to change school grades and will not be available for hire.


    Another good hacker type to break the stereotype, the red hat hacker acts ruthlessly towards black hat hackers. Their sole objective is to destroy the effort of every bad hacker type and to bring their entire infrastructure down.


    Of the many hacker types, the blue hat hacker is the amateur. Like script kiddies, the blue hat deploys readily available techniques but specifically targets an entity out of a bad intention. Usually, these are revenge attacks made using amateur techniques like affecting a website with too much traffic using a script.


    This type of hacker is the one who learns in the world of hacking. A green hat hacker is usually responsible for no real activity but is easily recognizable for his intent to learn and understand how it all works. Green Hat Hackers are often part of large learning communities online, where they watch videos and tutorials on how to make it big.


    The last type of hacker in our list – social media hackers. As its name implies, they focus on hacking social media accounts by using various techniques. This hacker type is similar to black hat hackers for their criminal intentions, data theft. Finding solution which treat threat from other hackers is minimal.

Types of Hackers

Where To Hire Hacker To Change Your Grade

Usually, when you want your results upgraded or changed, you would want it to be as discreet as possible and would not want it traced back to you even if the hack is later discovered by authority.

It can be if you know where to get expert. If you need a site where you can choose from the best set of School Score Upgrade or Grade Change Hackers, CLICK HERE!

Wrap Up

You can hack school grades if you have the necessary skills and tools or if you can hire a professional hacker to do the dirty work for you. While selecting a hacker, ensure you choose the best type of hacker for the job.