spying on your husband phone

Think about it for a moment, why would you want to hack your partner’s phone?

You probably feel your partner is deceiving you in a way or he or she is not 100% faithful to you. It could be that there are some of his or her activities that are suspicious. Sometimes, you may have strong conviction that your partner has cheated on you. You’re likely to feel angry, shocked and understandably hurt. But because you do not have evidence to back your suspicions, you may not be able to challenge him. You might even want to spy on your spouse not for being unfaithful or dishonest but for their own security.

The truth of the matter is you must have reasons that necessitate you trying to figure out how to spy on your partner’s phone. No matter the reason, you are justified inasmuch you are not planning to hurt them with their personal information. Spying on them might be a good step in safeguarding your relationship. Spying on dishonest partner might also be a good way of protecting yourself when he or she actions is detriment to you. If you know what they are up to then it would be hard for them to hurt you.

Why Else Should You Access Your Partner’s Phone Without Their Knowledge?

Let us be realistic for a moment! We all know that criminalities rate has increased all over the world. We have read in the paper, heard on radio, watched on television and seen on social media of how people are abducted on the way to their workplace, school, places of worship, cinemas and others. There are times that individuals even commit suicide due to cyberbullying and scam or threat from online miscreants.

The above and more can all be prevented from getting close to your loved through thorough cell phone monitoring solutions. When you discover strange activities on your partner’s phone, you can know their exact location, who they are talking to, their plan for the day, who they are seeing, websites they are visiting, messaging they are sending and receiving. From here you can filter out and block potentially dangerous calls, messages, sites and likes.  By so doing, you are averting a situation that could lead to a terrible accident.

Therefore, you might be doing yourself and partner a favour when you access their phones so as to monitor their activities even without them knowing.

What Methods Can I Use to Access Partner Phone Without Touching?

In these modern times, there are four (4) main methods of accessing your partner’s phone without touching it. They are as follows;

  1. Trick based on trust
  2. Phishing (Social Engineering)
  3. Hacking Software
  4. Hiring a Professional Hacker.
spying on partner smartphone

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Trick Your Partner


You can exploit the trust your partner has in you and make him give you some confidential details of his phone.

There is a term in the internet world right now called “internet of things.” Internet of things basically means inter-connectedness of devices. To be a little clearer, your smart phone will give your smart watch info about you, also you will be able to continue your browsing session with your iPad or even control your smart home with your smart phone. This makes technology to surround and intelligently interpret your every experience.

If you understand that, by making your partner give you his login details to his iCloud account (if he is an Apple user), you automatically have access to all his phone logs and information. iCloud stores content securely and keeps apps up to date across all devices. That means all information—photos, files, notes, and more, of your partner would be easily available to you. iOS-powered mobile phones can become a spy too if you know the passwords and Apple ID of the phone.

Cook him his best food, take him out or give him that special style during love-making. Do whatever will make him lose control of his tongue and give you the information that you require.

In case this method does not work for you move to the next one.

Phishing (Social Engineering)


Social engineering is the art of manipulating people so they give up confidential information. Phishing is a form of social engineering where you have to send a link to your partner’s phone. Once the link is opened, a spy software will be installed automatically on the phone. You can send the link through email, sms or on social app.

Hacking Software Application

Spying apps software

There are a number of applications out there that you can use to spy on your partner’s phone. Spy apps avail you unlimited opportunities that make hacking your partners mobile so simple. These apps are developed with certain features that help you track your partner easily without stressing yourself, and without raising a doubt about what you are doing.

You don’t need to have studied computer programming or anything computing in a renowned institution before garnering the necessary skills before you can hack a person’s phone. Unlike before when words like hacking, spying, and tracking were thought of being something only people with proficient computing skills can do, it is not so. As it is simple for anybody to wake up today, get a smartphone and start using, so it is with hacking. With the help of the spy apps, you will be able to monitor phones calls, WhatsApp chats, Facebook conversation, Messenger, and anything information-related about your partner.

Hire a Professional Hacker

rent a professional hacker

This is the most dependable method of accessing your partner’s phone with no fear of being caught. The first 3 methods describe before this might not be as easy as you think or may not give you the result you desire. You also won’t want a situation that your partner will become aware of your (spying) actions on him.

For these reasons, it is advisable to rent a professional hacker that can get the job done for you without any hiccups. Hire a Professional Hacker on HackingNeeds. They have highly trustworthy and verified hackers.

Why Hire A Professional Hacker?

Usually hackers are experienced and they already have tools to deliver. Hiring trusted professional hackers gives you opportunity to get full access to your partner’s phone. Hackers makes hidden information that become visible to you about your partner are discussed below;

  • Location: With the aid of GPS locator in special app set up by the hacker, you can accurately determine the location of a partner in real-time.

  • Calls: You will also have call records of your phone delivered directly to the panel setup for you on your own mobile or pc.

  • SMS Tracking: Messages received on your partner’s mobile phone would also be available to you. This makes it easy to know the amount of money he has in his bank account, his purchases, who he is chatting with via SMS and so on.

  • Internet History Chatting: You will know what your spouse does on his phone and what kind of content he/ she browses.

  • Get Password: With the keylogger feature integrated into the hacked mobile, you will have access to all passwords and usernames used on your partner’s phone.

Other stuffs you can do without physical access to your partner’s phone include;

  • Spy on their social media accounts
  • Monitor emails
  • Block suspicious numbers always calling your partner’s phone


Your relationship is very important. You cannot allow anything or anybody to get in-between you and your partner. This is why you need as many information as possible, to know what your partner is up to, without his/her knowledge, so as to save your relationship. Hiring a Professional Hacker will save you a lot of heart aches and headaches. It also reduces the risk of being caught by your partner. Every information you seek will be available at your finger tip. You can read messages, call logs, watch videos, call recordings and more without touching your partner’s phone.


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