Got Bad grade

How do I change my grades on Infinite Campus?

Are you not satisfied with your exam score? If you are given a chance to upgrade or change score, would you take it? In this article, we give a complete guide about how to change your grades on your school portal.

Where It All Starts…

Exam results, most times, when they are released are not usually what is expected. Often times, studying hard for exams does not guarantee good results.

Though failing is part of human life, but accepting failures is not usually that easy especially when you realize that precious time would be wasted re-taking such exams. Apart from this, pressure that comes from family and friends when you announce a bad exam result or grade will discourage you from accepting such grades.

Furthermore, when you fail, it might end your chances of ever getting that dream job or better school. This will also lead to academic probation and removal of financial aid, scholarship, and many others.

The above reasons and more are why students look for means to hack bad grades on their school portals.

What Are the Available Options After Failing or Having a Bad Grade?

Tests and exams have been confirmed not to be the best way to assess intelligence or qualification. Sometimes, while collating results errors occurs. If you are certain that you prepared well for the exam and you answered questions correctly, you can request for a review of your examination. Most higher institutions allow it. Meanwhile, you must know that this may take a great deal of time and at the end may not change the result.

Another option is to accept your fate. You do this by re-registering for exams, paying tuition fees all over, re-studying and rewriting exams. Sadly, there is no guarantee of success in this too after spending so much valuable time and money.

Lastly, you can hire a professional hacker to hack your grade. This comes with its own shortcomings too but you should be fine if you do it right. You will find out the best way to do it right in this guide. Keep reading.

Before You Hire A Hacker…

You might have come across different discussions about hacking student portals online. Some true and helpful, while some are false and could have very bad repercussions if followed.

Hacking student portal is not always easy. Each schools uses different platforms and servers. Theses platforms and servers do not work exactly the same way. Hence it requires careful studying and planning to find weaknesses in these platforms.

lms interface
Hacking and phishing concept

Schools uses different platforms including PowerSchool, Canvas, Infinite Campus and other learning management system. If you would love to know how grade is changed on PowerSchool, read our article on How to Change Your Grade on PowerSchool. Therefore, for the hacking work to be successful, the hacker needs to have a detailed idea about the School Portals of different universities or colleges.

We focus on hacking Infinite Campus LMS in this article.

interface of infinite campus

What is Special About Infinite Campus?

Infinite Campus is a comprehensive, Web-based student information system (SIS) with real-time access to administration, instruction, communication, curriculum, reporting and more.

Infinite Campus is a completely Web-based student information system (SIS) used by thousands of schools across the United States. It is an excellent platform for housing student educational information such as personal info, rosters, attendance, data from assessments and likes.

Where Can I Find the Best Hackers that can be Trusted to Hack Infinite Campus?

No doubt, you must have realized by now that you would need skilled and experienced hacker(s) for the job. We only recommend hackers from HackingNeeds. They can be trusted and boast hacking several databases and portals. They have helped students like you upgrade over the years

How Do Hackers Change Grades Online?

Now that you understand that schools use different platforms to hold student result(portals), you should also know that there are two ways these results are hacked on these portals. They are Temporary Grade Change and Permanent Grade Change.

Temporary Grade Change

This type of grade change is common among High School students. This is done through the use of school transcript. Fake transcripts are created manually to temporarily change grades. The transcript is first scanned into pdf and may thereafter be further converted to images so as to be easily worked upon with Photoshop software. Know that this method of changing grades will not reflect on the school portal. You cannot use these results legally anywhere. It is only used for bragging purposes.

Permanent Grade Change

Permanent Grade Change entails hacking the school server system, firewall and the necessary LMS software installed in the school web interface. This type of grade change is therefore best done by experts and professionals in the hacking world.

Professional hackers use special techniques and tools to make grade change on school portals to avoid being caught or noticed. Never trust amateur hackers to make permanent grade change for you.

Why is Permanent Grade Change So Sensitive?


As you are well aware that hacking grade is illegal. It is then important to take great care as you hack grade so as not to be caught. Making permanent grade change on a school website is more than by-passing the security system in place. The hacker has to be careful not to leave any trace or evidence of entering the database whatsoever.

Then the knowledge of GPA, CGPA, transcript module and the entire grading system of the school must be well understood by the hacker before he would proceed. Grading system and method for schools varies and the knowledge of one cannot be assumed for the other. Attendance, assignments, quizzes, tests, exams and likes are all graded and should be taken into consideration when making permanent grade changes.

Therefore, the importance of hiring only experienced professional hackers cannot be underestimated.


Not performing up to expectation in a test or an exam could be disheartening as a student. You should not allow a low grade to stall or delay you on moving forward with your life. We have been able to explain the best way to go when there is a need to change grade temporarily or permanently. You have the choice of improving your grades by allowing professionals help you upgrade your scores. Get help here HackingNeeds.