I Need A Hacker to Change My Transcript

Transcript shows records of all academic courses attempted by you during your entire college career. College transcript reflects a student’s grade and courses taken for an academic session. It is often termed as a report card or marksheet, as it includes meaningful evidence justifying the academic growth of a student.

What Else Should You Know About Transcript?

  • Most importantly, it bears the official seal of the college or University.
  • It consists of data about the courses and the grades obtained.

  • The transcript has calculated grade point average listed on it which is for the most recent semester.

  • Contains personal information like your name, marital status, any name change after marriage, student identification number or social security number, address and date of birth to authenticate your identity.

  • It includes your enrollment history, grades that you got, credits earned and attempted and average of grade-point.
  • An official transcript is in printed form, faculty-approved and has your university seal on it.

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Why Do People Change or Buy Fake Transcript?

Some courses tuitions are very expensive and quite unaffordable. In situation when an individual needs such transcript for a particular purpose, they opt to buy the fake transcript.

Then there are times when the student can afford the college course but did not get the result, he/she desires. Most suffering students understand the stress of being a student and the pain of getting a low grade. Having a low grade in the ultimate stage can devastate your graduation and career. In this case, he/she opt to edit transcript through professional hacking service.

There are two ways; you can obtain fake certificates – either edit the certificate on your own or hire a professional. It depends on what you want and how you want.


Where Do Schools Keep Students’ Academic Records?

Schools naturally have plenty of private data on record, not only about their students, but in most cases, they even have records of the fogeys, legal guardians, and other caretakers of the youngsters they educate. And also grades information, health information, and social insurance numbers.

Many schools have introduced Web-based information platforms for college activities, homework, assessments, parent and teacher communications, and more.

How Do Schools Secure This Data?

For certificates and diplomas, the issuing agencies take various steps to verify the authenticity of the student records by cross-checking the database. Here, they also have a web-based data protection system.

The Institute Authority seeks to ensure additional security and control of the database through a two-factor authentication system. Particularly, access to the directories where student data is stored is provided through password protection.

Sometimes, two separate and secure wireless networks are kept where one is allocated for staff and one for students. Most times, a powerful firewall is created by keeping a third and isolated network for visitors.

Despite having so many data protection systems in pace, very good hackers still explore the system’s vulnerability to change grades or access needed data.

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How Do Hackers Gain Access to Schools Database?

There are lots of things hackers can do when it involves a grade change or transcript edit; hacking of mail, penetrating a database and servers, hacking mobile phones and computers and more.

Hackers have different ways of getting access to websites, database, servers etc. They have the required skills and know how to get the best technology needed. Some methods used involves a process where the hacker will target an employee who has access to the grading system.

This is perhaps the deciding part of the job. Once the hacker is successful at this attempt, he is in. All he has to do now is to make all intended adjustments on the system and leave the system intact. After a successfully job, it should be like nothing happened. That is when he has done an excellent job.

Where To Hire Professional Hackers to Edit Transcript?

To fake your college transcript like a pro, it’s recommended to hire a professional hacker online from HackingNeeds. For years, HackingNeeds have been helping students edit their college transcripts and to make schools database secure. If you need experts to edit college transcripts or certificate, no matter the college, contact HackingNeeds.

What Do I Need to Get A Transcript If I Did Not Attend the College?

To get an exact replica of your desired college transcript, you need to provide us with a scanned copy. We can completely recreate both front & back of your transcript, as per the original layout. From course details to GPA, our experts will professionally edit everything. We also include seals & stamps in the transcripts, to make them look real.

No worries if you don’t have a scanned copy. Our professional hackers will find a way round it.

There are many students in the vicinity who need hackers to change university grades on Blackboard, Canvas, Infinite Campus, Powerschool, and other Learning Management Systems (LMS). Feel free to contact us for a discussion.


To wrap it up, hacking services are very popular in modern times. There are a number of self-acclaimed hackers out there.

You need to be extremely careful when hiring a hacker to change or edit your transcript.

Anyone can achieve the desired goal by protecting their privacy by renting out their skills and experience.

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