Students Hacked High School Portal

“How to change poor exam score” is probably one of the most searched phrases online related to hacking.

Changing school grades requires professional hacking skills and professional hacking tools. There is need for a sophisticated server to block all security loopholes, gaining unlimited backdoor access and ceiling unforeseen security alarms and IP traces.

There are so many things involved. You won’t want to create a new problem while trying to solve an existing one.

Why Would You Want to Change Your Grade?

Gain Access To Portal By Tricking Lecturer

Being a student in the university, college, or high school is stressful and a whole lot of students understand the pain of a bad grade. Having poor final grades can be devastating to graduation and career trajectory.

Most student want their grades changed after performing poorly in their exams or tests. This poor performance is not because they are dull or did not prepare well for this examination. Situations happens. Scripts may get missing; the professor can make mistake in marking or recording. Having the mindset of not graduating or of retaking a harder exam or test could have a negative effect on the psychological health of any student.

While some students sulk like babies in this situation, the smart ones find a way out by looking for professional hackers to help change their scores.

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Where to Get a Hacker that can Change Result?

The internet is full of so many people claiming to be offering hacking services. A number of these people are scammers who promises you services they cannot do just to extort you, but there are genuine hackers too. Grades hack is not as easy as you might think. It involves mature skill and a great deal of experience. It is more than a comment or words of mouth, “I am a hacker.” You need to ask for credentials to backup his claim of hacking. We recommend you to check out our HIRE A HACKER Page to see a list of verified hackers. We take time to select and profile only the best.


Where NOT to Look for Hackers

You must have heard heartbreaking stories coming from the dark web of how infected Software, malicious apps, and other notorious activities are carried out. Dark web is not a place for everyone.

The dark web is not a place to hire hacker. When you want to change your grades, you do exchange information such as the username, passwords of your school credentials. Your school email might be at risk from malicious hackers.

A Malicious hacker might sell off your school email for the highest bidder which you might write off as not a security threat. These emails are highly sorted for because it comes with guarantee email blasting by ads you see on your junk or spam inbox.

Type of school grade change

There are two types of grade change that can be made; either it is temporary or permanent.

Temporary Grade Change

This is very easy. You get to use inspect element to edit your grade. But as the name suggest, it will not last long before system detects and revert to original grade.

Permanent grade change

This is done from the database and not using the inspect element as a temporary grade change. Let the hacker you are hiring to hack university grade know that you want permanent grade change.

Method of Hacking Database

Changing one grade means your hacker only need to hack your professor or teacher’s email which is much easier. You might need a full school upgrade, in this case, you would need access to the whole database and thus need very good hacker.

Professional Hackers that hack school system knows their way around cybersecurity, database protocol, and many more. Be sure of the method the hacker would use as any wrong method might bring down the whole website. Brute force for instance could tear a server down and slower the website.

There will be no need to hack the whole database of the school if you can find a way to get into the mail of your professor or teacher (as the case maybe) especially if the grade has not been uploaded or updated on the central Database. This is less risky but still requires expertise. Know that these acts are also illegal.


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Hiring a professional hacker with proven hacking skills is a must-take step if you don’t want your attempt in upgrading to be detected. But your work does not end with hiring the hacker. You also need to monitor his activities closely. 

Should you need any assistance in changing score, reach out to our Verified Hackers on HackingNeeds.