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  • If your social media account has recently been hacked, you do not need to create a new account. Let us help you recover it.
  • You want to have access to your partner’s social media accounts, phone or WhatsApp to know know who they are communicating.
    Let us help you with it
  • If you care so much about your children and you do not want them to fall into the hands of cyber predators, our hackers can help you protect them online.
  • If you have reasons to be suspicious of your partner, we can help you monitor his/her activities online.
  • You didn’t perform well in your exams or text, we can help you fix it.
  • There are hundred more ways we can be of service to you.

To hire a hacker, it is very simple. Click the menu button at top right and click “HIRE HERE” or click the “Hire Now” button at the front page.

You will find a list of hackers, read through their skill, contact them using any of their contact options or kindly chat up admin using the WhatsApp button at the right bottom

Information based on your job request.
100%. Your conversation with our hackers is highly confidential and can NEVER be shared with a third party. All request information is deleted as soon as the job is completed. You can also decide to stay anonymous all through your hiring period.

If you concerned about remaining anonymous, you should consider using bitcoin. It is now so very easy getting bitcoin, if you need help paying with bitcoin, our hackers can guide you through it or find another anonymous way for you.

Firstly, most of our work are done anonymously and we love to keep it so.

Secondly, our hackers are spread over the continents and so setting up a physical meeting may not be possible

This depends on the nature of your job request and the security level. Some of our hackers offer free Vulnerability Assessment and penetration testing, so that the total cost for the job can be determined before commencing.
It depends on what you are hiring the hacker to do (your intent). In some countries, hiring a hacker is totally illegal, irrespective of what your intention is. But if you hire a hacker that keeps all security in check, no one will know you hired a hacker unless you tell them.

Before now, it wasn’t possible to hire a hacker on the regular/ surface web. All hack related activities were done in the dark web, which is very difficult for 90% of people to access.
Hacking agencies like “Hacking Needs” bring Professional hackers from the dark web, for easy access, for people who can not access the dark web. “Hacking Needs” does not only give you easy access to hackers, but also ensure you and your information are secured in the process of hiring a hacker

Hackers will often use secure software such as a proxy server to hide their identity and funnel their communications through lots of different countries in order to evade detection. Other technologies like Tor and encryption enable them to add multiple layers to mask their identity.

Use the USSD code to check if phone is hacked

No, you can’t find out hacked your phone using a USSD code. Only hacker that help you find that out. But you can use this USSD code *#62# to check if your calls was diverted to another number and the number it was diverted to will be revealed. That’s really very old method though

Short answer – no. But the most popular means of hacking is social hacking/engineering… it’s a flaw we all have as human beings, where we tend to respond to authoritative voices and tend to be oblivious at times to giving out our own personal information that could lead to our accounts getting hacked. But hackers these days don’t need to call or text you to hack your phone, all they need is the mobile number or IMEI and it is done

trange or inappropriate pop ups: Bright, flashing ads or X-rated content popping up on your phone may indicate malware. Texts or calls not made by you: If you notice text or calls from your phone that you didn’t make, your phone may be hacked. But in day modern hacking, you may not experience any of that, but your entire device will be monitored, without the smallest clue



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