If you have accidentally deleted text messages from your iPhone, then you can seek help from a recovery tool just like UltFone iOS Data Recovery to retrieve deleted files. Google Chrome is so awesome with its amazing number of apps and extensions, besides its faster performance. To delete complete Facebook chat messages with all of your friends in one single click, install an add-on or action on Chrome called Facebook – Delete all messages.

“You can only delete messages for everyone for up to seven minutes after sending. Once seven minutes have passed, there is no way to delete messages for everyone.” The app published a guide on how to “delete messages for everyone” upon release. A TikTok star recently went viral after sharing a workaround that allows users of the chat app to read retracted messages. When it comes to reading deleted WhatsApp messages without using any third-party app is also very simple. View your archived instant chats or private messages by selecting “More” from the Messages page and choosing “Archived.”

How To: Share A Facebook Post With Friends & Family On WhatsApp

It might take a while to delete all your Facebook messages. Select a photo or video you want to delete so that it appears in the Comments section on the right. Click Delete if you want to erase all the messages. Click on the options wheel next to a conversation.

  • From there, go ahead and simply select a certain conversation that you would like to view.
  • This process can also be done through the Facebook app.
  • The Messages menu is accessed from the application main window.In the Spam & Blocked window , you’ll have to manually tap every single message you want to delete.

Nicole Cozma has an affinity for Android apps and devices, but loves Messenger technology in general. Based out of the Tampa Bay Area, she enjoys being a spectator to both sunsets and lightning storms. While the deletion only works for everyone within the first ten minutes, you can delete the message for yourself at any time.

Stop Texting Before Trying To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages

If hooted in the wrong circles you will probably be laughed at. But as crazy as it may sound, you can track traditional SMS and online chat threads of any ‘person of interest’ without hassle and stress. If you have no access to the device and you want to spy on someones messages click Easy way to spy on someone’s text messages without touching their phone.

Here is the way with which you can delete photos on your Facebook profile. So that others will not see these, even though they click View Photos of me on the Facebook app. As the name suggests, a keylogger app records whatever you type, even if you delete the message, you still have the keylogger record. If you have archived the Facebook messages before deleting them, then you will be able to recover them. If you delete a conversation on Facebook, it gets removed permanently.