Press and hold any specific conversation which you wish to archive. Tap on the delete icon next to the “Remove for you” option. Go to the conversation and hold down any particular message you wish to delete. Select & hold down the thread you want to delete, a short popup will appear.

Now, thanks to this latest expansion, you can also play games with only a few quick taps. You can play an even more engaging online game by joining Messenger basketball. Using Messenger, tap the basketball emoji in your conversation to send it to a friend or group. A swipe toward the hoop is one way to make as many consecutive baskets as possible before the game even begins.

Heres How To Play All Your Favourite Old School Games In Facebook Messenger

You don’t need to worry if a person is available or not. Just share the link and they can join at their convenience. If you want to add someone as a friend on Facebook, you can search their profile and send a request. Facebook witnesses almost 2 billion searches every day and on the basis of those searches the social networking site shows us the search suggestions. Therefore, it is advisable to delete Facebook search suggestions if you don’t want anyone to know what you’re searching on FB.

  • To open your Marketplace inbox, tap on the “Inbox” tab found in the menu of your Marketplace profile.
  • VPNs can help you hide this information from websites so that you are protected at all times.
  • That’s it; your contact will be able to listen to your MP3 music file.
  • I have recently shared the tips to completely remove 64-bit Facebook chat history on the desktop browser.

When you’re using the Secret Conversation, an end-to-end encrypted channel is created between you and the recipient. To use the Vanish Mode feature on Messenger and Instagram, you can open any chat and Swipe Up, there will be options for sending disappearing messages. There are two ways to use Messenger’s end-to-end encryption.

How To: Earn The Secret Achievement ‘Balls’ In Deus Ex: Human Revolution

The Facebook-owned company has included the feature in the latest update for iOS and Android. After reading this post, you have known what Instagram vanish mode is, and how to activate and turn off Instagram vanish mode. If you find this blog helpful, do share it with others. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why a lot of people will love this feature. There are a LOT of messages to be sent that people don’t want to last forever.

Open the main messenger screen and scroll down for a section called ‘games.’ you can access. You have to answer the call in 10 seconds, otherwise the call will be lost. After teasing us with some hidden games, Facebook has now launched its full-blown gaming feature for its Messenger platform. You can now play a bunch of games through Facebook Messenger in a browser on desktop or in the mobile app. Here’s the list of games, what devices they’re compatible with and how you can start playing them now. All you have to do is invite your friends to a chat in Houseparty, then select the small dice icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen and select Heads Up!