Project of Kaltim-5 Plant The construction of Kaltim-5 plant with production capacity 1.15 million ton urea and 825 thousand ton ammonia that will replace aging and inefficient Kaltim-1. Kaltim-5 project was run by a consortium of Toyo and IKPT as contractor. By end of the year, the project progress reached 86.94%.

The Company has offered Study Assignment program for potential employees, both in domestic universities and abroad. In 2013 there were 4 employees assigned to study abroad and two to study at local universities. Programs to improve employee competence in Pupuk Kaltim were exercised in several categories, namely inhouse training, off-site training, employee education programs and study assignment learning tasks as well as knowledge management program. Finally, on behalf of Board of Commissioners, we express our gratitude for hard work and success that Board of Directors brought about in 2013. We hope that the Company’s performance could be continually increased and Pupuk Kaltim will incessantly deliver added value not just for Shareholders, but also for community and environment, nation and state.

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  • п‚· reclassifies the parent’s share of components previously recognized in other comprehensive income to profit or loss or retained earnings, as appropriate.
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Any transaction with affiliated parties was carried out according to jointly consented policies and requirements. It was estimated that transaction value reached USD109 million . The fund of the transaction will be provided by the shareholders.

The finance charge is required to be allocated to each period during the lease term so as to produce a constant periodic rate of interest on the remaining balance of the liability. Contingent rents are required to be charged as expenses in the periods in which they are incurred. Finance charges are reflected in the statement of income. Fixed assets are depreciated over the shorter of the estimated useful lives of the assets or the lease terms, in the event that there is no reasonable certainty that the Company and its subsidiaries will obtain ownership.

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We found that Board of Commissioners’ activities administration and report should be improved for the betterment and neatness. On 20 November 1984 the construction of urea plant unit 4 was initiated, this construction was also known as Kaltim Optimization Project . This first granular urea plant in Indonesia was inaugurated on 6 July 2000 along with the groundbreaking Kaltim-4 plant. This plant also produces granular urea and was inaugurated on 3 July 2002. While ammonia unit was inaugurates on 28 June2004 by the President of Republic of Indonesia.